About Us

The history of the company has its roots in the 60s when, on the intuition of GIACOMO VALENTINO, a company specialized in yeast for cakes for the consumer market was born in Conversano, until then the prerogative of professionals and large confectionery companies. The passion for quality products, natural and respectful of ancient traditions, convinced him to undertake this path with great courage. Since then, the continuous search for excellence, combined with great passion and entrepreneurial ability, has led new generations that have followed one another in the company to conceive innovative production formats and standards that allow us to offer customers a range of always winning products

Respect the ancient and genuine traditions of Italian pastry and combine them with creativity and innovation, paying attention to both market trends and the needs of professionals and families.

In over fifty years of business, the main objective of our company has always remained the same, that is to provide handcrafted products capable of combining high quality with constant innovation, in order to offer customers only products of excellence.

Customer service is one of the fundamental objectives for the company.
This is why we best support each customer with professionalism and provide product deliveries with international couriers.